Democracy rolls on: Election/voter deadlines today/tomorrow for May 5 election

As the nation, state, county and city attempt to cope with the Covid-19 crisis, the League of Women Voters/Flint Area reminds voters that an election approaches May 5 and that some aspects of that election have been altered by the crisis.

Details below, provided by the LWV, with some light editing by EVM:

The deadline to REGISTER online or by mail to be able to vote in the May 5 election cycle, is TODAY, Monday, April 20. Applicants MUST have a valid MI driver’s license or state ID to register online. In person voter registrations may continue up to election day but persons are asked to contact their local clerk for guidance. To get your clerk’s contact information, go to the Michigan Voter Information Center.


The deadline to apply for the partisan ballot primary is tomorrow,  Tuesday, April 21. Candidates can avoid the petition requirement by paying a $100 filing fee.


The deadline for non-partisan candidates is July 16, but those candidates are not eligible to pay the filing fee in lieu of petition signatures.


The May 5 election: A number of scheduled elections have been pulled from the May 5 lineup. For those that remain, the MI SOS office is encouraging those living in areas holding a May election to apply for an Absentee Ballot. Registered voters should have received an application in the mail several weeks ago.


In Genesee County, there are races in the following areas:

Bentley Schools, Clio Schools, Grand Blanc Schools, Mt. Morris Schools


There appear to be no races in Huron, Lapeer, or Tuscola, Counties.

St Clair County: Fort Gratiot Township and Port Huron City

Sanilac County: Carsonville-Port Sanilac Schools

Please note, we have tried to verify all the information through the MVIC site. If you notice any issues we have not caught, please feel free to let us know.


In person voting will be available but on a limited basis, people are encouraged to check with their local clerk. If you need to look up your clerk’s information is is easiest to go to the Michigan Voter Information Center.

–EVM Staff

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