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East Village Magazine Facts

EVM is a community news magazine founded in July 1976 which publishes information about neighborhood preservation and improvement issues for about 15,000 readers in the Flint area.  It is published by the Village Information Center, Inc., a 501(c) (3) nonprofit corporation, on the second Saturday of each month.

Magazines are distributed by volunteers in Flint neighborhoods.  It is currently distributed in the downtown, Central Park, Fairfield, College Cultural, Carriage Town and Mott Park areas.  Any neighborhood can receive the magazine if a resident is willing to distribute it.

The magazine also is distributed in bulk at government buildings, businesses, office buildings, churches and local educational institutions.

The EVM website, eastvillagemagazine.org, includes the content of the current issue plus other articles, news releases, poetry, essays, fiction and inks to public officials, local nonprofit groups and other sites of interest.  It gets about 4,000 hits a month on the home page and about 40,000 hits a month on individual stories.

The magazine is produced by volunteer staff members who spend more than 500 hours each issue researching, writing and editing the articles, selling the advertising space, doing clerical work, and distributing the magazine.

The Village Information Center, Inc. provides community journalism training programs at no cost to participants.

Financial contributions are welcome and tax-deductible.  Please make checks out to the Village Information Center, Inc. and send to the address listed on our  letterhead or use our PayPal account.


Founder: Gary P. Custer

Editor: Jan Worth-Nelson

Managing Editor: Meghan Christian

Copy Editor: Danielle Ward

Reporters:  Harold C. Ford, Patsy Isenberg, Darlene Carey, Jeffery L. Carey, Jr.

Columnists: Jan Worth-Nelson, Teddy Robertson, Paul Rozycki, Bob Thomas

Distribution Manager:  Edwin D. Custer

Business Manager: Casey Custer

Editor at Large: Ted Nelson

Photographer: Edwin D. Custer


Board of Trustees

Jane M. Bingham, Falessia Booker, Edwin D. Custer, Jack D. Minore, Paul Rozycki, Robert R. Thomas, Jan Worth-Nelson (ex officio)

Publication Information

The East Village Magazine is a program of the Village Information Center Inc., a nonprofit corporation. We welcome material from readers, but all submissions become the property of the publication and if published will be edited to conform to the editorial style and policies of the publication. All inquiries about the publication should be mailed to East Village Magazine, Village Information Center, 720 E. Second St., Flint, Mich. 48503. Distribution is the second Saturday of each month. Display advertising rates are $34.00 a column-inch plus any other costs. Unclassified ads are $2.50 a printed line or part of a printed line. Rates subject to change without notice. The deadline for advertising is 10 days before each publication date.