Councilperson Monica Galloway leads Michigan Municipal League as its president

City Councilperson Monica Galloway (7th Ward) was elected the 2021-2022 president of the Michigan Municipal League (MML) at the non-profit’s annual convention held in Grand Rapids last month. The MML’s 18-member Board of Trustees met and elected Galloway. Sterling Heights Councilperson Barbara Ziarko was elected vice-president of the MML.

“The League advocates on behalf of its member communities in Lansing, Washington DC and the courts; provides educational opportunities for elected and appointed municipal officials; and assists municipal leaders in administering services to their communities through League programs and services,” according to the MML website.

Michigan Municipal League logo (Photo source – MML website)

Galloway is fifth Flint resident to serve as Municipal League president

Galloway is the fifth Flint resident to be the president of MML and the tenth person from Genesee County to hold the position. The previous Flint residents to be President of the MML are Alderman, J. Johnson in 1917, City Clerk, E. Newcombe in 1919, City Attorney, John H. Farley in 1924 and Mayor Woodrow Stanley in 1990.

Galloway has been the Seventh Ward Councilperson for eight years. She says she did not grow up wanting to be a politician.

“My experience with the MML has been liberating and to be selected as board president means the world to me,” Galloway said in an email to East Village Magazine (EVM).

“I began this journey only with a desire to serve this community while not fully understanding how to do that. The MML, it’s staff and members have provided a safe learning environment that has been both accepting, challenging and encouraging.

“The MML community is filled with more accomplished leaders than myself and yet the Trustee Board decided to make yet another investment into my leadership growth by selecting me as President. I never set out for a political career and that is not a part of my goal.

City Council President Monica Galloway (7th Ward)

“This is an opportunity to serve people by identifying their needs and working with a larger community network (MML) to get it accomplished. I was truly honored to be selected by my peers to serve this statewide non-profit organization that represents communities of all shapes and sizes,” Galloway said. .

“Leadership is only as successful as those you surround yourself with. The League has been supporting communities for more than 120 years very well. I am looking forward to accelerated leadership growth with the support and guidance of my fellow board members, League Board Vice President Barbara Ziarko of Sterling Heights, League staff, and trusted colleagues throughout Michigan.

Councilpersons Galloway (Ward 7) and Herb Winfrey (Ward 6) talk between Council Committee meetings in 2019.

“In the next year, I plan to continue to support the League in advancing community wealth building in ways that enhance the human experience for everyone. I also wholeheartedly support the League’s increased and ongoing focus in embracing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our communities,” Galloway concluded.

“Cooperation solves any problem”

The MML’s motto is “Cooperation solves any problem.” Founded in 1899 the MML brings together city and village officials to exchange information, learn from one another, develop policies on municipal concerns. The MML initially came together to because in 1899 the state legislature chartered directly cities and villages. MML’s first director, Harold D. Smith said, “they were at the mercy of a body composed of members who had little or no experience in municipal affairs.”

The MML’s initial efforts were focused on securing home rule for cities and villages, or as Smith put it, “bringing impressively to the attention of a rural legislature the problems of growing cities in the state,” according to the MML website.

More information about the MML is available on their website and their Facebook page and other social media sites.

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