City water bill refunds to start soon: 65% from April 2014 “until the water is safe to drink”

Within the last few days, Flint residents received text messages announcing the launch of the $30 million water bill refund program recently approved and funded by the state legislature and signed by Governor Snyder Feb. 26.  Here is the text as it was sent on Sunday, Feb. 28,IMG_4449 from, a website of the Governor’s office.
When will my credit start?
The City anticipates the credits will be on bills issued within a few weeks, once the systems are in place.
Will the credit only be for the drinking water portion of my bill?
Yes. The credit covers 65% water used (representing the percent of drinking, cooking, or bathing) from April 2014 until the water is safe to drink. Commercial customers will receive a 20% credit. It does not cover sewage.
Does the credit apply to past late fee penalties?
Yes. The City will apply the 65 percent credit for residential customers and the 20 percent credit for commercial entities to penalties received for unpaid bills between April 2014 until the water is safe to drink. The state will reimburse the city approximately $2 million to cover these penalty charges.
What if I am behind in paying my bill?
For customers who are behind in paying their water bill, they will have the option to receive the same credit as paid customers, as long as they agree to pay their sewage fees and 35% of the water charges. The city will not turn off any water accounts after the water has been declared safe so long as customers agree to a payment plan or pay past due amounts in full. The City will receive direct reimbursement for the credited amount.
What is the breakdown of charges on a Flint water bill?
A Flint resident’s water bill contains charges for both water and sewer. Within the bill for water and sewer, there is a variable cost component based on usage and a fixed monthly fee.
Should I expect to pay for sewer each month or will the credit cover sewage until my credits are up?
Yes. Residents are expected to pay the sewer portion of their combined bill. The credit will be applied to 100 percent of the water portion of their future bills until it is exhausted.

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