If it’s Monday, there must be trash: dual pickups possible as council/mayoral dispute continues

By Jan Worth-Nelson

11 a.m. update:  Kristin Moore, Mayor Karen Weaver’s public relations director, has just released the following statement:

“Mayor Weaver is waiting on a decision from the appeals court regarding the waste collection situation.
She did send a termination letter to Republic Services stating the company should stop collecting trash in Flint as of Friday, September 23, 2016. Weaver had issued a temporary emergency work order to Rizzo Environmental Services instructing crews for Rizzo to collect trash in the City effective Monday, September 26, 2016.

Because this matter is in litigation that’s all I’m at liberty to say at this point.”

The city of Flint’s trash contract drama continued this morning with reports of both Rizzo Environmental Services and Republic Services trucks out on the streets.  It was not clear who would be paid and contacts to the Mayor’s office from East Village Magazine so far have received no reply.

But much behind-the-scenes action apparently is occurring, according to City Councilwoman Vicki Van Buren.   She confirmed a judge issued a temporary restraining order delaying Mayor Karen Weaver’s letter terminating the Republic contract Friday afternoon, keeping Republic on the job for 14 more days.

In addition, she said the judge ordered the following to meet at 9 a.m. today at the Court House and to make a decision on the waste collection for the city:  Mayor Weaver, City Administrator Sylvester Jones, Council President Kerry Nelson, Council Finance Chairperson Scott Kincaid and City Finance Director David Sabuda. Van Buren said the judge stated they will not be allowed to leave until that decision has been made.

But early today, according to Van Buren, the meeting was put on hold with no statements issued yet by either side in the ongoing dispute.

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