The hurts remain fresh: water protestors back at City Hall demand U.S. action


By Jan Worth-Nelson

The “2 Years 2 Long Coalition” lined up in front of Flint City Hall on a sunny, September Monday with the American flag furling in the background.

Their demand:  That the U.S. Senate and House act now to bring relief to the Flint water crisis.

In a handout distributed on the lawn, the group of about 30 activists wrote “After nearly three years, the residents of Flint say enough is enough.

“Why,” their handout said, “did the U.S. Senate recently pass a Flint Fund (bi-partisan) — only to now postpone action by leaving it out of a continuing resolution?” As they note, “this means waiting until after the November elections to act.  By then the opportunity could be lost altogether.  Meanwhile the House of Representatives refuses to act at all.  This is unacceptable!”

The flyer continued:  “We waited while the legislature took a seven week vacation only to return from Labor Day and to date, the response has been underwhelming.

“News Flash!! We still can’t use the water.  We are still getting sick.  No drinking/no cooking, no bathing in this toxic water.”img_6790

Calling the Congressional failure to act as “a crime against humanity,” the flyer continued, “We have marched, lobbied, participated in Congressional hearings and shouted to the rooftops seeking relief.

They concluded, “…why are politicians playing politics with desperately needed Federal funds for Flint?  Without these funds, the Flint Water Crisis will not go away and neither will we.”

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