Ethics Accountability Board’s slow start: no quorum at second meeting

By Meghan Christian

The second meeting of the Ethics and Accountability Board (EAB) was unable to convene on Aug. 9 due to lack of quorum. Only three of the new board’s eleven members were present.  While the meeting could not be officially called, Interim Chairperson John Daly briefly discussed meeting times moving forward with the two other members who were there: Members-at-Large Loyce Driskell and Art Evans.  Driskell and Evans had been appointed by Mayor Karen Weaver.

“We need to find the means where we can all get together,” Driskell said.

According to Daly’s assessment of his colleagues’ schedules they gave him since the first meeting, there was no single time where every member was available at the same time. “With a group of 11 people that’s not unexpected,” Daly said. 

Daly then suggested that those present listen to a presentation from former Charter Review Commissioner Jim Richardson that was on the agenda for the meeting. First Ward Councilperson Eric Mays, who was in attendance at the meeting, advised Daly against this, citing City Council’s inability to discuss official business without quorum. “Y’all getting off on the wrong foot,” Mays said.

“He’ll have to repeat it,” Driskell said, referring to Richardson’s presentation and seeming to agree with Mays that the presentation should be put off until the EAB is able to have quorum. “We’ve got to make some sacrifices,” she added.

The EAB is one of the additions to the City of Flint administrative structure built into the new City Charter, approved a year ago by a 2-1 vote of the public.  Its provisions were to take effect in January, but it took eight months for the EAB appointments to be made and confirmed by City Council.  One central task of the EAB is to appoint an ombudsperson, a position that already has been built into the city budget.

The EAB meeting schedule for August and September currently is as follows, with meetings beginning at 6:45 p.m. in the Committeee Room on the third floor of Flint City Hall:

Tues. Aug. 14

Thurs. Aug. 16

Tues. Aug. 21

Thurs. Sept. 6

Tues. Sept. 11

Thurs. Sept. 20

Tues. Sept. 25

EAB members said residents are encouraged to attend EAB meetings and are welcome to voice concerns during the public speaking portion of each meeting.

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