Mayor Neeley to deliver live-streamed State of the City address Dec 8

Mayor Sheldon Neeley will deliver his first State of the City address at 7 p.m. Dec. 8.  The Mayor’s address will be broadcast on NBC 25 and livestreamed on the City’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, according to a press release.

“This year’s State of the City is much different than we have seen in the past, but through all obstacles there is a path,” Neeley stated in the press release.

Neeley will deliver the address to the Flint City Council, convened in special session at the same time. The speech is a requirement of the Flint City Charter, which  calls for the mayor to present a State of the City report to the council and city residents once a year.

Flint Mayor Sheldon Neeley at a press conference, on the back lawn of City Hall, in the summer of 2020. (Photo by Tom Travis)

“In order to keep us all safe and to give everyone a full opportunity to participate, we will broadcast this address on television, public access, and on social media,” Neeley said.

The last State of the City address was given by then-Mayor Karen Weaver to a large in-person audience at the Capitol Theater in Oct 2019.

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Author: Tom Travis

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