Rides to Wellness services resume May 17 after temporary COVID disruption

By Madeleine Graham 

Rides to Wellness will resume service May 17 after a temporary suspension of veteran rides and rides to the grocery store, pharmacy, and doctor appointments, according to Ed Benning, CEO of Mass Transportation Authority (MTA). Services for dialysis, hospital runs, and other essential businesses have remained available. 

Benning explained the disruption began in mid-April after a small group of workers tested positive for COVID-9. Benning said  Your Ride and MTA buses were not impacted and remain a viable alternative for riders.

When services resume on May 17, Rides to Wellness services will become available to the general public for $15  per one-way ride. General public riders may add a stop at a pharmacy for an extra $10.

“The Federal Transportation Authority has been astonished how well Rides to Wellness is working,” Benning said.

Rides to Wellness currently provides 13,000 rides per month. When full operations resume, Benning said that number is expected to increase to  between 20,000 and 25,000. Most current riders’ costs are covered by agencies like the Department of Health and Humans Services.

“Every challenge equals positive results,” Benning said. 

EVM staff writer Madeleine Graham can be reached at madeleine4841@gmail.com.

Author: Tom Travis

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