Mayor Weaver celebrates federal act approval, calls for state to do more

Flint Mayor Karen Weaver released the following statement this morning following the Friday night approval by the U.S. Senate of the $170 million infrastructure act including $100 million for Flint:

“I am thrilled that the U.S. Senate has passed a $170 million package that will help the City of Flint recover after state and federal actions left its drinking water system poisoned by lead. I especially want to thank Senators Debbie Stabenow and Gary Peters, as well as Congressman Dan Kildee, for their relentless efforts to get Flint and its nearly 100,000 residents the help they need, and to thank President Obama for his commitment to Flint.

“Our tap water still is not safe to drink without using a filter, an unfathomable situation for any city in this great nation. Although we have waited far longer for this help than expected, we are grateful to the Senate and House for providing the assistance that will help Flint residents deal with this unprecedented health crisis and gain a brighter future.”

This morning, following a press conference, Weaver told Joy Reid on MSNBC that she believes the State of Michigan now needs to step up further, noting that the federal government has contributed more to the Flint recovery than the State, even though the State has been deeply implicated in what happened to the Flint pipes.

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