“Grab and Go” meals for Flint Community Schools students continue at 12 sites

Flint residents wait in line on a chilly April morning at Potter School for “Grab and Go” meals for Flint Community Schools students (Photo by Tom Travis)

By Tom Travis

At what is normally a busy place with children and teachers on this day Durant-Tuuri- Mott (DTM) Elementary  School sits empty. But the lunch room was busy with workers in masks and gloves filling bags with supplies for parents to pick up. Some of the food items they loaded into the bags were apple sauce cups, pop tarts, pre-packaged peanut butter and celery containers, and carrot sticks.

A line of about 10 cars sat in the side parking lot at DTM on University Avenue  waiting for workers to bring out bags of food. Some of those waiting in their cars were parents, grandparents, aunties, and guardians of school age children. Oddly, at a school, there was not a child in sight and the classrooms and playgrounds were empty.

4th Ward resident Amanda Trent picks up food provided by the Flint Community Schools for the six children who live in her home, four of whom are her own and two from a family member  who also lives with her (Photo by Tom Travis)

On Flint’s east side, Potter Elementary School on Averill Avenue had a slightly different set up for food pick up. All the food bags were prepared inside the building and brought out to a table where a worker made up individual bags for each child. Instead of a line of cars there was a line of people that stood outside the north entrance of Potter school.

Beside Potter School sat an empty Flint school bus that was used to bring workers and food to the distribution location.

Workers at Durant-Tuuri-Mott Elementary School on University Avenue grab from bins of supplies to fill food orders (Photo by Tom Travis)

FCS officials report they are providing about 8,000 meals a day.

The food distribution program is provided by the Flint Community Schools to continue nutritional support for children during the coronavirus closure of all schools for the rest of the year. The district provides pickup at 12 locations from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Tuesday distribution supplies enough meals for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday meals, and Thursday distribution covers Friday and Monday.

FCS officials report they are providing about 8,000 meals a day.

Attached is the flyer provided by the district listing the 12 sites.


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Author: Tom Travis

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