Flint residents join in “Light Up The Night” support for medical professionals

By Tom Travis

A Westside Flint neighborhood joined in a national observance Thursday night to show support for medical professionals fighting the coronavirus.

As virus fears mount and the grim statistics grow exponentially, America seems to be gearing up for a month likely to bring sickness and death across the globe like no other time in our modern memories.

Yet communities throughout the country took time to show love and support to medical professionals.  That movement of gratitude reached into Flint, too, where Glendale Hills residents did their part.

Glendale Neighborhood residents Stephanie and Todd Bigler with their two children sit on their front porch decorated with many candles supporting The Light Up the Night event supporting medical professionals fighting the coronavirus. (Photo by Tom Travis)

“Light Up The Night” simply asked residents to light a candle and place it in their window or on their porch to show solidarity with brave medical workers who go into work every day. Many medical professionals report in the pandemic fight they are lacking medical supplies, tests and equipment to properly care for the growing surge of people infected with the coronavirus. 

Glendale Neighborhood resident, Patty Warner and furry friend Flossie sit on their front steps with an electronic lantern supporting medical professionals on “Light Up the Night” event. (Photo by Tom Travis)

In Glendale Hills, many neighbors set out candles.  In the shadow of the 12-story McLaren Hospital bordered by Beecher Road and Sunset Avenue, Glendale Hills residents seemed eager to make their gesture of support for the medical professionals working in such dangerous times just outside their back door.

Glendale Neighborhood residents Sue Goering and Adrienne Goering sit on the front steps of their home with a lighted candle supporting medical professionals far and near in their fight against coronavirus. (Photo by Tom Travis)

Sitting on her front steps with her daughter Adrienne, Sue Goering, former president of the Glendale Hills Neighborhood Association, said, “It’s a very strange and scary time for everyone. It’s a very unusual situation having to keep six feet away from somebody. We’re doing this [Light Up The Night] in a national response to honor medical people who are giving their lives in many cases for their profession.”

Sharon Bradley, Glendale Neighborhood resident and current president of Glendale Neighborhood Association, with her candles, adorned with hearts, expressing her support for medical professionals fighting the coronavirus. (Photo by Tom Travis)

Most residents stayed inside,  but many placed candles outside or in their windows. Some residents waved from inside as EVM passed by.

McLaren Hospital sign lights up at dusk as the neighbors in nearby homes show solidarity with medical professionals giving lifesaving work during the coronavirus pandemic. (Photo by Tom Travis)

According to Michigan Department of Health and Human Services statistics at the time of this writing,  there were 249 cases of the coronavirus and 8 deaths in Genesee County. The largest percentage of cases are among those 50 – 79 years of age.

EVM Assistant Editor Tom Travis can be reached at tomntravis@gmail.com.

Author: Tom Travis

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