Community Foundation of Greater Flint makes final push for 2024 neighborhood small grant applications

By Kate Stockrahm

The deadline to apply for the Community Foundation of Greater Flint’s (CFGF) 2024 Neighborhoods Small Grant Program is fast approaching, with all applications due March 15 by 3 p.m.

The available grants, which range from around $1,000 up to $25,000, are intended to encourage community members to “actively engage in community change efforts,” “view themselves as stakeholders that can partner with institutions to address critical issues,” and “have pride in their neighborhoods and the motivation to continue their work,” according to CFGF’s website.

During an informational event on March 2, CFGF program officer Damon Ross shared the program’s tiered award understanding.

“The traditional mini-grants are up to $1,000,” Ross said, noting that there are also “next level mini-grants” that go up to $5,000 and a single “transformational grant” of up to $25,000 available.

Ross added that CFGF’s intended focus areas for the funding include strengthening neighborhood groups and organizations, healing racism, creating safe environments, improving neighborhood conditions, and creating opportunities for neighbors to connect to each other and to resources and arts programs.

“Also keep in mind we have the public safety platform available as well,” Ross told the event’s roughly 70 virtual attendees. “That’s something that really rose up from the discussions that we were having with residents, and that is a focus area for us as well even though you don’t see it explicitly listed on those grant guidelines.”

Further grant guidelines and submission information can be found here, and the grant program’s application and attachment requirements are also available on the Community Foundation’s webpage.

Author: East Village Magazine

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