“Meaning Train” author Carrie Cunningham appearing Saturday at Totem

By Jan Worth-Nelson

Carrie Cunningham, author of a new book exploring how ideas of nonviolence and love might save the world” will appear at 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 23,  at Totem Books, 620 W. Court St., Flint.

Meaning Train: Essays on Religion and Politics was published by Archway Publishing this autumn.

Cunningham, of Grosse Pointe Farms, graduated from Harvard College where she studied American and African history.  She identifies herself as a progressive Christian writer.

She states the book “counters the divisive practice of subjugating others. It reveals a benign moral compass in which anyone who wants to improve the world can follow.

“The idea of a beloved community is the inspiration for the book. Honed in the 1960s civil rights movement, the idea calls for loving and forgiving one’s enemies and creating one human family,”  she writes.

Essays in the book explore the struggle for racial equality in America and South Africa; the Holocaust;  the battle for peace among Israelis and Palestinians; the lives of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ; Christian feminist theology; Islamophobia and pluralism in the Middle East; and the contributions of historian David McCullough and politician Bobby Kennedy.

Cunningham also attended the University of South and Wayne State University for degrees in the Episcopal faith and Near Eastern Studies respectively.  She captained the national championship Harvard women’s squash team,

Her work has appeared in  the Grosse Pointe News, the Michigan Chronicle, the Episcopal Record, Examiner.com and Beloved Community.

In a review, David Crumm, editor of ReadTheSpirit magazine, writes, “What our deeply divided world needs is a fresh and welcoming approach to connection with others. Carrie Cunningham’s talent is opening doors and inviting us to accompany her as she encounters fascinating people and places.

“Along the way,” Crumm writes, “we gather the context that helps us understand the beloved community that our world so desperately needs. When you finish her book, you’ll want to go out and meet new people and read some of the books she recommends. This book is an invitation to an ongoing adventure.”

More information is about the author is available at  https://carriecunninghamwriter.com

More information about Totem Books is available at (810) 407-6402.

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