The New McCree Theatre does doo-wop for its May musical

By Kate Stockrahm

The New McCree Theatre is reprising its signature musical, “Sincerely: the Musical Odyssey of an Original Moonglow,” from May 9 to May 25, 2024.

The show originally opened to sell-out audiences nearly two decades ago in 2006, which its writer, the theatre’s executive director Charles Winfrey, told East Village Magazine he hopes to see again.

“Actually, it was one of our most well received productions,” Winfrey said. “In our 20 year history, we haven’t done anything yet to surpass the audience response to ‘Sincerely.’”

The musical centers on the true story of Harvey Fuqua, founder and lead singer of 50s doo-wop group The Moonglows. A press release from the McCree Theatre notes the show is “more revue than plotted script” and promises “30 of Flint’s most gifted performers” crooning hits of the 50s and forward.

“I grew up in the doo-wop era, and it’s a love that has stayed with me throughout time,” Winfrey explained of his inspiration behind the musical. “I like to reacquaint people with the music of the past … and Harvey Fuqua, because of his involvement in so many decades of soul music, I felt that he would be a good vehicle, you know, to send that message out.”

Winfrey said “Sincerely” promises more than just The Moonglows’ music, although its namesake is the group’s most famous tune.

And on a tour of the New McCree Theatre, he showed off the array of wigs that will bring the musical’s many other performers to life, too.

A row of wigs to be used in performances of “Sincerely: the Musical Odyssey of an Original Moonglow” at the New McCree Theatre in May 2024. (Photo by Kate Stockrahm)

“That’s for Etta James,” he said, pointing to a blonde wig. “And these are The Chantels,” he added, waving an arm across a line of mannequin heads sporting black, curly bobs.

Winfrey said he hopes that reprising “Sincerely” will not only appeal to his generation but also to others who may not have grown up with doo-wop on the radio.

“We just want to, now, introduce a new generation to that,” he said, adding that no matter what ages are in a New McCree Theatre audience, “our objective is to totally entertain them and totally enlighten them.”

“Basically,” Winfrey concluded, “just come in and see what we have to offer.”

“Sincerely, the Musical Odyssey of an Original Moonglow,” will run from Thursday, May 9 to Saturday, May 25. Performances are on Thursdays and Fridays at 7:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 2:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.

Tickets are available through the New McCree Theatre’s box office, located at 4601 Clio Road in Flint, Mich., or online at

Author: East Village Magazine

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